Our Cannabis Experience

We believe that cannabis should be legal everywhere.


We’re taking 9+ decades of combined marketing experience across major brands, startups and B2B and applying it to the cannabis space. We’ve done everything from launching Snapchat’s first partnership integration to Super Bowl ads... and everything in between. 

We’re taking the knowledge, the adventure, the pain and the “Goonies never say die” attitude of marketing and embracing the wild ride of cannabis. 

We also are lucky enough to have experience in the space to speak to real-life issues and solutions. We currently work with brands and stores/dispensaries across four states and as such, have been able to solve some real pain points. 

Here are some examples of our work in Cannabis.


The laws vary by state and by recreational vs. medical rules, so this can be tricky.  We’ve slayed a few influencer programs in the space, but we don’t like to get all loud about these.  We feel real, authentic programs working directly with entertainment, retired sports figures and the music community can have a very significant impact.  Nothing is stronger than building that 1:1 relationship. If you want to know more about connecting with influencers, you’ll have to ask us for the details. 😉


SEO is the bread and butter of many a cannabis site, especially retail.  It’s more than just numbers and it’s not a simple formula. It’s looking at what we need to do, who we want to attract and the behavior of that area’s inhabitants.  That behavior can vary quite a lot. We have a unique situation with a client located in a smaller town, but one that has a crazy influx of tourists. We need to stay loyal to our core customers, but also ensure that every tourist who might want to find our awesome store, can.  We built out the site and social content to reflect those values. We expanded the inbound links, developed relevant content for press releases (driving more inbounds), tied the site to cannabis finder sites, added deliberate content around a very core local community, an exceptionally large tourist target and cannabis. We also optimized the heck out of the site’s more dynamic search query opportunities.  The result? #1 consistent search results for inbound, more engagement from our local community and increased awareness in a hyper-competitive environment.


A client subscribed to BDS analytics but, while they had access to the data, they weren’t gleaning meaningful insights to guide their business. We took it deeper to understand saturation levels, recreational versus medical behavior and layered it with an analysis of BDS data.  We then combined it with our own extensive retail store fieldwork where we spoke to budtenders and store managers. We spent hours monitoring and understanding the purchase process, reviewed online menus and did a thorough competitive analysis. With all this data, we developed a holistic picture of the company that led to powerful insights. We can’t share our findings from this proprietary study, but we can confidently say that our analysis told a story that drove meaningful change inside the company and put it on a path towards improved growth and brand value.

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