Behind the Green Curtain Webinar

We’re exceptionally lucky in that we’ve had a first hand education in the business and have literally been behind the green curtain. We’ve been in the backs of stores, we’ve seen the inventory and sales process, we’ve been on farms and have seen seedlings all the way through to the exact extraction process and through to packaging.

 This industry is fascinating and it’s growing faster than you can imagine. We know you have questions - and we have answers! We’re offering 4 cannabis seminars covering all aspects of this amazing industry. As you try and navigate this new territory, we’re here to help you understand the basics and in turn, speak confidently as you find your way in this brand new space.   

A series of four webinars are available for individual registration or for larger groups. Please see below for pricing and packages. Email us with any questions you may have!  Each webinar includes accompanying handouts and resource documents.


30 Minute Webinar $49.99

Behind the Green Curtain: Part 1 - Cannabis 101

All your basics! In our first discussion, we’ll take you through the basics.

Learning Objectives:

  • Brief history of cannabis and hemp in the US.

  • Core definitions of the space to help you understand how and when to use the right terms.  

  • Anatomy of the Plant

  • Types of Products

  • Overview of the biggest and the best cannabis events

  • Upcoming trends to what we see is changing (fast!) in this industry and when it will impact you, if it hasn’t already.


30 Minute Webinar $49.99

Behind the Green Curtain: Part 2 - Legalization

We have an open bill by Cory Booker now calling for national legalization.What does it mean for now and in 2020?  We’ll also dive a bit into the state by state dynamics.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding of how cannabis and hemp are shaping the financial status of states now and for years to come.

  • What to expect when a state legalizes medical and then moves into rec

  • We’ll take you the obvious state support (California) and the surprising reactions and rollouts by state and what that means for potential legalization.

  • We’ll look at the numbers, how the money is spent and where the money is going.

  • Advertising and marketing - what works and what is off limits… for now.


30 Minute Webinar $49.99

Behind the Green Curtain: Part 3 - Cannabis Consumers

Who are they and how are they consuming?

In this session, we’ll walk you through who uses cannabis and who is adopting it the fastest - the numbers will surprise you. If you think you don’t know anyone, they probably just haven’t come out of the cannabis closet yet.

Learning Objectives:

  • Target audience segments within cannabis

  • Recreational vs. Medical use

  • Emerging CBD market

  • How to apply what you know about customer base to the cannabis consumer

  • How to overlay your data against the cannabis consumer


30 Minute Webinar $49.99

Behind the Green Curtain: Part 4 - Future Planning

We’ll look at trends - where is the market going? We’ll look at financials, legalities, rumors and what that means for the mass consumer as well as the mass businessperson.

Learning Objectives:

  • Shift to targeted outcome products

  • Low dosing/micro dosing

  • How could it impact you and what could you be looking for to capitalize on?

  • How explosive is the growth and how long will it continue?

  • Influx of other industries - the corporatization of cannabis